E-Commerce Statistics Infographic

To celebrate the launch of Profixo, we decided to publish an e-commerce statistics infographic. The infographic demonstrates various statistics and aims to teach small business owners why they should be thinking about selling online, and why social media and mobile optimization are important. Profixo is well integrated with social media, and all of our themes are responsive.

Do feel free to use the infographic on your website or anywhere else. All we ask is that you attribute us when using it (with a link if you are putting it on your website). The infographic is under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 UK: England & Wales licence. We also created a slideshare, which you can find below the infographic.

Key Statistics

According to the office of national statistics, consumers spend around £1 in every £10 shopping online

This statistic shows that UK consumers are spending a relatively large proportion of their money shopping online. If your business sells products, do you really want to be missing out on this?

30% of mobile shoppers abandon a transaction if the experience is not optimized for mobile

This statistic shows that optimising your website for mobile is important. All of the themes available with Profixo are responsive, meaning they display correctly on a wide range of devices. 

approximately 46% of online users count on social media when making a purchase decision

This statistic shows how important social media is when it comes to selling online. Profixo websites include social media integration as standard, helping your business make the most out of social media when selling online.

In december 2012, UK e-retail sales increased 17.5% year over year

This statistic shows that e-commerce is still growing. There is a massive opportunity out there for all businesses that sell products to sell online if they aren't already. 

Simple Template Based E-Commerce Sites Can Cost as Little as $250 Per Month

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